Don’t be fooled by the “Value Spice” label – at $2 for a small bottle, these mini jars of spices are extremely not worth your money. These panda-print chair socks will protect 2 things – your floor, and your ears from the dreaded screeching sound that torments our eardrums each time a chair is dragged across the floor. Here’s an alternative at $0.38 instead. A few months ago, my mother bought these to put on the legs of the dining room chairs. I don’t exactly understand the instructions that are written in Japanese for this, but I reckon it’s a little like inflatable balls of ballons that can be stuffed into your shirt. The ladder-like pattern of the rope also prevents hangers from sliding down to the middle, a first-world problem many of us still face. They’re cheaper than the usual prominent brands and just as effective. Tea Accessories - Buy tea accessories online at best price in Singapore. May 10, 2019. Every time I do so, my mother would shake her head disapprovingly and lament about how the heat from the microwave and the plastic lunchbox is bad for my health. Consider this: A 100g packet of turmeric costs $0.75 on RedMart, and this $2 jar contains something like 12g of spices. Thanks to a reader who pointed out that Daiso’s erasers are incredibly overpriced, we checked out the eraser section. If your new year’s resolution includes both saving the environment and spending less, Daiso’s heat-resistant glass containers merge the two nicely. To prevent your half-eaten packet from suffering the lao hong (getting soft) fate, run this $2 heat sealer from Daiso Singapore along the opened edges of the packet to get your chips resealed air-tight. This article was first publishd in MoneySmart. If you don’t like our faces, listen to our fortnightly podcast E-Junkies where we lepak one corner with famous people, Your daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox, AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company Registration No. SILVER LINING: DAISO ACTUALLY HAS AN EXCHANGE POLICY! I pack lunches to work occasionally in a Lock and Lock plastic container. Should a shop not offer prices in your local currency, we may calculate the displayed price on daily updated exchange rates. Your typical packet drink costs maybe $2.40 for 6 packets at NTUC, i,e $0.40 a packet. At $2 per pack ($1 for 1), Daiso’s beauty blender is definitely worth a try. Get the latest deals and coupons right in your inbox! While higher-tiered beauty brands sell brush cleaners from $10 and up, Daiso offers them at a super wallet-friendly price of $2. But take a closer look and you’ll realise they’re nothing but bits of foam cut into cute animal shapes. I know that there are cheaper box organizers out there. If you intend to get those at cafes, here’s how much it will cost for a relatively ‘standard’  set-up: For beginners looking to brew their own coffee, what if I told you that you can get almost the exact same thing at a quarter of its price? The “Surprise Toy Toilet” looks as innocent as a baby figurine taking a dump in a toilet. But unfortunately that doesn’t excuse you from using your brain when you walk in. I needed to remain undistracted from the aisles of goodies, so I set out to find some of the best, worst, and most ridiculous things you can get at Daiso Singapore. Let me know in the comments below! The pole and base and mop are sold separately, which still add up to an affordable. Packaged in a bright, cheery red bag, this plump, cocoon-like crackers packs a delightful punch of caramel. Masking regularly does wonders in keeping your face glowy, and if you’d like to have a little fun DIY-ing your masks, get these little capsules of.