Enjoy a variety of mouth watering homemade treats featuring marshmallow, … This easy homemade cake bar practically explodes with color, thanks to the addition of crunchy, sweet, "funfetti" rainbow sprinkles in the batter. These hands-on stations will step up your party … Try easy, creamy lemon bars for sunny picnics or sheet-pan French silk pie during the Christmas … Joint Desserts; It can be difficult combining boys and girls to keep them both happy but this gender neutral joint birthday party dessert … They are so easy to make from scratch, and you'll love how they turn out. This traditional sweetie dessert bar brings back memories by Candybar Couture and with the addition of the green backdrop and outdoor setting it looks like the perfect party sweet shop. Delight your family and friends at any time of year, with these super fun and colorful dessert bar treats that bring the party! Makes a perfect treat for kids' birthday parties … And we have recipes for every gathering, whether its a summer potluck or a holiday party. If you’ve ever hosted a party, you know that the food and drink selection has a pretty *big* impact on how well your get-together goes.But before you start to look up catering services and rack up that bill, consider the more budget-friendly alternative of DIY drink and/or dessert bars. Get Mom's favorite dessert bars and squares recipes.