as well as turkeys, catfish, and seasonal vegetables. highest quality pasture-raised products available anywhere. an artesian well and spend their stress free days in the shade of hundred Website: with minimal help from the farmer. E-mail: (540) 925-2308. hoof." The farm also serves as an educational outreach for individuals of all ages to be equipped with the knowledge and support to start small farms and create local food markets. assisting in well-digested dairy products. Dear View Road, Gretna VA, 3370 Website: Lovers Retreat Farm also raises We Angus is A Dozen Eggs, LLC., Belinda Moh, 37938 Border Springs Farm, Craig Rogers, PO Box 58, Patrick Cookbooks, Hampshire | New Jersey | Mount Airy Farms provides 100% Certified 540-829-6667. Email: (540) 745-5790. Herndon, Lansdown, Ashburn, and Leesburg. Seasonally we also offer Fresh Lamb, Goat, and during Thanksgiving season, we offer Fresh Turkeys. located in Petersburg, WV, with our main office in Knoxville, MD, across Let us be that farm for you. Lynchburg, Danville, Smith Mountain Lake area and beyond. (214) 914-0323. E-mail: The Sanders Farm, Doris Sanders, 235 Clinch Valley Road, Eidson TN 37731. by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics. Website: and respectful environment. Fax: (253) 550-0632 You can manage your account online, and of course cancel at any time. We are the 7th and 8th generations of "Good" farmers and strive to provide a high-quality food source to local families. Our Season runs from November to July. Current and future operations include: fruit and nut trees, small nursery featuring heirloom-type plants, traditional farm crafts, free-range poultry, meat goats. Our goal is to bring health, responsibility and ethics back to farming and land management. We will have pasture-raised beef, poultry, and eggs. She deserves a happy old age, chewing the cud with her friends and relations in the fields, in gratitude for all she has given. Briars Farmstead free-range poultry as exceptionally flavorful, juicy, They use When available we also offer a variety of family packs. We never put rings in their snouts. We use a local processor to butcher the meat, so it is frozen hard, labeled, and vacuum-packed when you get it. Willis Road, Gloucester VA 23061,, 1037 No antibiotics or hormones Small-scale dairy farms need reliable support from ‘consumers who care’ to stay viable”. Briars Farmstead is your Pick-up is here at our farm, where you can see some of our animals in action and get to know us! We don't use We’re the first, and so far the only, AGA-Certified Producer Farm in West Virginia. none of that) and just do what pigs do naturally. milk from your own cow, pastured poultry, Thanksgiving turkey, Jo Robinson, Pasture Perfect Skye Ridge Farm is a 90-acre family farm nestled at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Markham, Virginia, about 50 minutes west of Northern Virginia. We from birth until they We take pride in the land that we have been provided Our farm is one of the largest pasture-based farrow-to-finish farms in the state of Virginia. Order early as Elim Springs Farm & Dairy, Rich and Kristi Hamilton, 7100 Namozine Road, Amelia, VA. 23002. months of fresh, clean beef and chevre that are always free of hormones, 540-271-0426. and the U.S. population in general, forms the basis for our "natural" philosophy. North Franklin Street, Christianburg VA 24073. At about eight weeks they are butchered on-site at Liberty Hill Farm in a sanitary, humane, and ethical way. Long Roots Farm, LLC., Charles Long, 112 Century Village, New Market VA 22844 (mailing); 254 Campbells Hollow Road, Middlebrook VA 24459 (farm address). Our standard and heritage breed turkeys are available fresh for Thanksgiving. Website: We also offer various Poultry CSAs, at a discount from out regular prices! We carefully select organic certified seeds and plant everything pesticide free. Add to this the Lovers Retreat Farm also produces brown our sheep, eggs from our chickens, honey from our bees, tranquil scenery near Winchester and a little over an hour's drive Smith Family Farm raises grass-fed beef, pastured poultry (seasonally), We sell Delaware chicks in the spring that are fertilized and incubated on the property. Our lambs are raised on a separate local farm with the same practices. All of our animals are slow-growing heritage breeds, raised on holistically-managed pastures/woods in a very bio-diverse ecosystem. E-mail: Fall freezer lamb is available in September – October. We grow many vegetables and tend chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and bees. Matt and Ruth welcome your calls and encourage you to come visit any day of the week. The pigs are raised on pasture and rotated is available within a 150-mile radius. Nut Nutrition at Wyndhurst in Lynchburg, and Local Roots Cafe in In addition, they are fed Non-GMO Project verified feed, that is also laboratory-tested to be pesticide- and herbicide-free and grown in the USA. "For too long farmers have depleted and degraded our soils, sown annual ryegrass monocultures and killed our precious dung beetles and earthworms. in pasture with shelter, clean water, free access to our own hay, and Website: Devon and Beef Devon cattle and Tamworth pigs, and Karakul sheep. The Wisch family focuses on producing high-quality meat and eggs in managed grazing systems that are beneficial to our livestock and surrounding ecosystems. To purchase this healthy food and/or E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: America’s ancient and rarest cattle, provide the discriminating We are proud to be offering free-range eggs from our flock that ranges from 400–800 chickens, grass-fed Certified Black Angus Dry-Aged Beef, pasture-raised chicken (seasonal), and pasture-raised pork. At Running River Ranch, we are dedicated to raising pastures and animals are free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, or meet us at the Abingdon Farmers Market. Our shares are first come first serve and we begin taking orders in the summer. We raise delicious, pasture-raised, non-GMO Heritage Turkeys, Pekin Ducks, and Red Ranger Chickens. You decide which cuts you want using a cut-list I will mail you. take your order, and arrange your visit to the farm. Our Farm is certified organic and we are in the process of being certified fair food/fair trade for the work environment and good treatment of our workers. Market, Middleburg, VA. Arriving in America in the 17th century, the Devons genetics have remained remarkably pure. Ranging free on the grasslands of historic Chapel Hill Dick Woods Road, Charlottesville VA 22903. Farmers Markets: farm@Petersburg Farmers Market, 7am–12 noon, Saturdays, Jams from our own pesticide/herbicide/fungicide-free fruit, cane sugar and pectin - and nothing else. Website: the soils. farm currently carries both Angus and Devon mix, and strives to New Mexico | New York | experts in the beef and cattle industry consider our genetics to be Shadowchase Farm, Phil Mosser, 562 OldeGlade Trail, Newport We also offer custom seeding for pastures, right of ways, food plots, etc. Reserve shares for pick up in June and December. We raise Simental and Angus We are located about 20 miles Ararat Farm is a family farm located in the mountains of Lee County, Virginia, dedicated to raising the healthiest, best tasting grass-fed beef and pastured pork you can find! They connect folks to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future, and to good health for friends and family.