List of all villages and towns in Kalna - II Block of Barddhaman district, West Bengal. Check out important data about Kalna - II Block as per Census 2011. 2,938 patients were treated indoor and 243.321 patients were treated outdoor in the hospitals, health centres and subcentres of the CD Block. 21 villages (18.75%) have agricultural credit societies. Singarkon is located at 23°09′38″N 88°16′00″E / 23.1604190°N 88.2666700°E / 23.1604190; 88.2666700. [2], Kalna II CD Block has an area of 172.17 km2. [7] Decadal growth in West Bengal was 17.84 per cent. 110 villages (98.21%) have telephones (including landlines, public call offices and mobile phones). As per Census 2011, there [5], As per the 2011 Census of India Kalna II CD Block had a total population of 167,335, of which 157,235 were rural and 10,100 were urban. Kalna village is located in Galsi Ii Tehsil of Barddhaman district in West Bengal, India. District → Barddhaman. [15], There are 112 inhabited villages in Kalna II CD block. Kalna Ii is a Block in Bardhaman District . [19] In 2013-14, the total area irrigated in Kalna II CD Block was 6,200.78 hectares, out of which 4,734.55 hectares were irrigated by canal water, 163.03 hectares by river lift irrigation and 1,303.25 hectares by deep tube wells. Below is list of all villages in Kalna - II Block with [11], In the 2011 census Hindus numbered 134,406 and formed 80.32% of the population in Kalna II CD Block. It is situated 6.2km away from sub-district headquarter Galsi. As par Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Kalna Ii is 02294. [3], The Bandel-Katwa branch line passes through this CD Block but there is no station in this CD Block (between Ambika Kalna and Guptipara). Land in excess of land ceiling was acquired and distributed amongst the peasants. of Population to district population : 2.23: Distribution of Rural and Urban population by sex Decadal growth for Bardhaman district was 14.36 per cent. There are about 31 sub-districts in Barddhaman and Kalna Ii is one of them. [3], Badla block primary health centre at Badla, PO Chagram (with 15 beds) is the main medical facility in Kalna II CD block. As par Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Kalna Ii is 02294. Block / Tehsil → Galsi Ii. There are primary health centres at Akalpoush (with 6 beds), Angarson, PO Pindra (with 2 beds), Baidyapur (with 15 beds) and Tehatta (with 2 beds). It has 1 panchayat samity, 8 gram panchayats, 124 gram sansads (village councils), 113 mouzas and 112 inhabited villages. the town or village name to get complete details such as Population, List of all villages and towns in Kalna - II Block of Other mother-tongues spoken in 2001 were: Odiya (0.3%), Punjabi (0.2%), Koda/Kora (0.2%), Telugu (0.1%), Bhojpuri (0.1%), Nepali (0.1%) and Kurukh/ Oraon (0.1%). There are about 31 sub-districts in Barddhaman and Kalna Ii is one of them. are other sub-districts in Barddhaman.There are about 113 villages in Kalna Ii sub-district, which you can browse from villages list. The region has many swamps and water-logged areas. important data such as Population, Literacy rate and Sex Ratio. [22], More than 6,000 schools (in erstwhile Bardhaman district) serve cooked midday meal to more than 900,000 students. While male literacy was 76.39 per cent female literacy was 57.64 per cent. Click on Christians numbered 350 and formed 0.21% of the population. [14], In Kalna II CD Block in 2011, amongst the class of total workers, cultivators formed 17.55%, agricultural labourers 49.14%, household industry workers 5.05% and other workers 28.25%. [3], In 2003-04 net cropped area in Kalna II Block was 13,214 hectares and the area in which more than one crop was grown was 13,666 hectares. Kalna (municipality), outside the CD Block area, had 1 general college with 4,866 students. Home > West Bengal > Barddhaman > Kalna Ii. Kalna II CD Block had 1 general college with 717 students, 1 technical/ professional institute with 100 students, 317 institutions for special and non-formal education with 9,276 students. Muslims numbered 25,667 and formed 15.34% of the population. [10], See also – List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate, As per census definition, mother-tongue is the language spoken in childhood by the person's mother to the person. 16 villages (14.29%) have post offices. Caste, Religion, Literacy, Sex Ration data. Kalna Ii Schools , Kalna Ii colleges , and Kalna Ii Temperature , Weather ForeCast . About Kalna. All 112 villages (100%) have power supply. [3], Persons engaged in agriculturein Kalna II CD Block, Although the Bargadari Act of 1950 recognised the rights of bargadars to a higher share of crops from the land that they tilled, it was not implemented fully. [20], State Highway 6 (West Bengal) running from Rajnagar (in Birbhum district) to Alampur (in Howrah district) passes through this block. [8] Scheduled castes at 60,120 formed more than one-third the population. [3] Headquarters of this CD Block is at Singarkone. The data on this website is provided by Google Maps, a free online map service one can access and view in a web browser. [23], In 2014, Kalna II CD Block had 1 block primary health centre and 4 primary health centres with total 40 beds and 7 doctors (excluding private bodies). Large tracts, beyond the prescribed limit of land ceiling, remained with the rich landlords. 157,235. Scheduled tribes numbered 26,096. Kalna II is a community development block that forms an administrative division in Kalna subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. [3], Kalna II CD Block is part of the area where agriculture dominates the scenario but the secondary and tertiary sectors have shown an increasing trend. All 112 villages (100%) have drinking water supply. Others numbered 6,912 and formed 4.13% of the population. Kalna Ii is a Sub-District (Tehsil/Block/Mandal) in the Barddhaman District of West Bengal. [6], As per the 2011 census the total number of literates in Kalna II CD Block was 114,958 (76.25% of the population over 6 years) out of which males numbered 62,920 (82.55% of the male population over 6 years) and females numbered 52,038 (69.80% of the female population over 6 years). In 2013-14, persons engaged in agriculture Kalna II could be classified as follows: bargadars 9.20%, patta (document) holders 13.22%, small farmers (possessing land between 1 and 2 hectares) 5.07%, marginal farmers (possessing land up to 1 hectare) 16.99% and agricultural labourers 55.52%. [21], In 2013-14, Kalna II CD Block had 111 primary schools with 7,403 students, 6 middle schools with 374 students, 12 high schools with 7,406 students and 8 higher secondary schools with 10,066 students.