Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket, Emergency Tarp, Insulated Blanket, Thermal Waterproof Survival Space Blanket for Hiking, Camping 4.7 out of 5 stars 145 £17.50 £ 17 . Read more. But whatever you call it, space blankets are designed as life-saving pieces that help users retain up to 90 percent of their body heat and, in extreme cases, can be the difference between life or death. Can be handwashed and sanitized between treatments. A space blanket can go by many names, including an emergency blanket, a first aid blanket, a thermal blanket and a solar blanket. 84" x 60". The other which I ordered by mistake but I'm glad I did I use as a ground sheet when I bivi. It will definitely resist ripping better than your standard cheap space blanket! Advance Thermal Corp. manufacturers removable insulation covers and removable insulation blankets and jackets for industrial reusable insulation and OEM customers : 630-595-5150 : Purpose and Benefits Reflects 90% of body heat during body treatments.Durable and cost efficient. It's also durable and cost efficient. A plastic space blanket is not a substitute for your winter layers including puffy synthetic or down insulation and Gore-Tex clothing used with the Emergency Bivy Sack described below. 50 Because the Grabber space blanket is thicker, it … Available at … Description This reusable blanket is made of space age material and reflects 90% of body heat during body treatments. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 April 2015. These Mylar blankets are made with 4 layers. Feels good quality and it will last a while, ones in the back of the car for emergencies. Ideal for tent and bivy sack use or for use in emergency situations, the Space All-Weather blanket radiates 80% of your body heat back to you to help keep you warm. I was still a bit chilly, but not miserable. They don’t list the thickness, but it is similar to a lightweight blue tarp. 5.0 out of 5 stars Reusable space blanket. Verified Purchase. Grabber Outdoors Original Space Blanket. In any case, I don't know if I really want to pack that roll mat, so I was thinking about getting a self-inflating pad, but then I got the idea to try my reusable space blanket as an underquilt. It got down into the 50's and I wound up using a cheap roll mat (Coleman, I believe) and two blankets.