And unlike Goku, Vegeta retained his intelligence while in the form; he was even able to speak to people. But his new form gave him a deeper, gruffer voice that nobody was going to be making any jokes about. Whether it's the villain finally unveiling their full power, or the hero finally putting in the hard work to rise to new and greater heights, character transformations are always a moment to behold. Obviously, not each one is going to be great though, so we want to weed out the forgettable moments to focus on the really incredible changes that the characters have gone through. Super Saiyan 4 was a reflection of the ape-like side of Saiyans that gave them prominent red fur covering a large portion of their bodies. It cemented Vegeta as someone who could take on the protagonist role, even if he'd go on to make a few more-than-questionable decisions in the future. This was the first time we even saw the form, so the whole experience was new to fans at the time. New fans would probably wonder why the new form was introduced if it wasn't going to be utilized in the final battle. Vegeta willingly chose to become a Great Ape, setting up the circumstances for him to become one and use that power to his advantage. A one-stop shop for all things video games. His counterpart is Vegetto, created through the Potara earring. But that evil couldn't just vanish, so instead we got Evil Buu, who was able to absorb Fat Buu and take on a new form. And when the light and the dust faded, Broly's hulking new form was revealed. This wasn't just a cool new transformation, but a moment that felt like the climax to the series. But good ole' Goku proved to be too damn popular. 15 goku turns super saiyan 4 We're kicking things off with what many fans consider Dragon Ball GT's best contribution to the franchise. Super Saiyan Second grade, also known as Ascended Super Saiyan, is extremely similar to the base Super Saiyan form. Roshi used his new muscle-bound form to unleash the first Kamehameha of the franchise and destroy an entire mountain. Buu commemorated his transformation by liquefying himself and funneling his body down a man's throat until the guy burst. There are plenty we haven't even mentioned, so make your case for Dragon Ball’s best transformation in the comments! It still wasn't enough to defeat Beerus, but it was a great reminder for fans why they loved the franchise. But even though Gotenks was a total idiot for doing so, he revealed he had been withholding his top power level for dramatic effect (something he made an unfortunate habit of), and he too could become a Super Saiyan 3. And as awesome as those other new forms were, none of them quite measured up. Once Cell finally absorbed both the androids, he still wasn't quite as creepy as Imperfect Cell, but he did have a far more serious looking appearance. He revealed the extreme conditions he put his body and mind through to match Goku, as well as his willingness to die if he couldn't surpass his rival. And one of the first transformations of the entire franchise was no exception, even though it involved Master Roshi of all people. Even though Super Buu still had a body that looked like a bubblegum sculpture, he immediately demonstrated that he was not the gentle monster that his previous form had been. With Goku and Piccolo struggling to defeat the evil Saiyan, Gohan finally couldn't contain his anger at watching his dad suffer, and he charged into Raditz with extraordinary strength. Goku's Super Saiyan form looked awesome, made him into a more serious warrior than we had ever seen, and marked the shift in momentum where we finally got to see payback against Frieza. This great moment no doubt played a significant role in making Vegeta into a fan favorite. Even though he was already dead, Goku revealed his power hadn't stopped growing when he unveiled what would become the strongest canonical state a Saiyan could reach for years. Chi-Chi's efforts to push Gohan into being a scholar had suppressed his power, but, finally free to indulge in his fury, he unveiled strength unseen in the franchise by becoming the first Super Saiyan 2. This transformation sequence was so intense that Goku's English voice actor, Sean Schemmel, has even spoken about how it caused him to lose consciousness while performing the vocals of Goku's scream. Most of the transformations are ones that the characters are able to access whenever they want, but there are a few rare ones that have been cool as well. When Battle of Gods was unveiled and it was announced the franchise would be continuing on in a new series, we knew Goku would be getting a new transformation. Which transformation stands out the most in your memory from the franchise? It was a unique take on a villain, but it also felt juvenile and hard to take seriously. It was definitely one of his coolest moments. Goku unveiled hair that looked like his brother Raditz's, as well as the strength to finally take on Majin Buu. Summoning the strength to perform the move transformed the scrawny Master Roshi into a buff warrior that had everyone around him trembling with fear. We knew there was no way he was going to be killed before we saw it, and it immediately built a lot of hype over what he would look like and how much more powerful it would make him. When Goku revealed his Super Saiyan 3 form, it almost seemed like a waste at first. It was enough to cause even Vegeta to become terrified and willing to give up. It also finally answered the question of what would happen if a Saiyan were to turn Super Saiyan while they were a great ape.